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Special materials for framing your photos

Photographs are much more than decorative items, they reflect the personality of the inhabitants of a home and the emotions felt by them on a specific time and space. They immortalize very special moments which can be revived by just looking at them. For that reason, it is very important to choose high quality materials for their frame in order to highlight the best features of each image.

Key elements to consider when framing a picture

A frame represents about 50% of the painting regardless of the content of the image. Choosing the appropriate thickness, an adequate design and harmonious colors is as important as the picture enclosed by it.

The frame should create a balanced contrast with the image enclosed, with the style of the room and with the shapes and features of additional decorative elements of the environment.

If the room has a contemporary style, then you may prefer to frame your picture with an elegant and very fashionable support like an aluminum Dibond plate. But if it turns out to be too expensive you can opt for other more traditional and yet elegant options like pen board or forex.

Top materials employed on picture framing

Aluminum or Dibond has been used for more than a decade by professional photographers and galleries which consider it as a high quality support. Its success lies in two indisputable qualities: its lightness and rigidity.

This type of support consists of two aluminum foils and a central polyethylene core. It is normally made with a thickness that ranges from two to four millimeters and its quality differs according to the different manufacturers. Superiority is defined by the thermal resistance to the deformation provided by the aluminum plate depending on the thickness of the material.

The pen board is a traditional and standard medium used to frame artistic images. It is composed of two sheets of cardboard and a central core of polyurethane. It is very light and has a low cost. It is available in various colors and thicknesses depending on the tastes of each person.

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